Capsule CRM integration coming to Synthesis

Netfuse Telecom have announced that partners using their whitelabel integrated voice and messaging platform Synthesis will soon be able to offer their customers live CDR integration with Capsule CRM alongside the rest of the platform’s features.

The integration enables Capsule users to keep track of all their phone conversations with contacts in their CRM via notes created whenever a call is completed to or from a Capsule user. Details recorded include the customer name, the user that spoke to them, and the duration of the call. All the user then has to do is edit the note to add written details of the call, saving them the trouble of looking up the contact and creating the note.

As well as adding new notes when calls are completed, the integration runs through all historic calls on a user’s Netfuse account and inserts them into Capsule with the appropriate date and time on them, allowing account owners to get a historical overview of the contact they have been making with each customer.

The integration was built using the Synthesis and Capsule APIs. Netfuse Technical Director Leo Brown said “having taken an API-first approach to building the Synthesis platform we thought it makes sense for us to take the next step and work on integration with other cloud based services. Capsule will definitely be the first of many.”

This latest integration adds to an already impressive list of features, including everything from outbound Caller ID presentation control, http-call based routing, and Skype controlled presence to API-configurable and accessible SIP endpoints, messaging, voicemail, provisioning and account management.

The Netfuse team are already working on integration with Salesforce and Zendesk, with more to come.



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