Some of Our clients:

synthesis platform

Intelligent, integrated, agile solutions

The Synthesis platform gives you the tools you need to rapidly build, deploy and iterate context-aware, elastically scalable integrations between your business data and telecoms systems without the pain of investing heavily in infrastructure or development.

Phone Systems

scalable, adaptable, simple.

At Netfuse we build fully featured, scalable phone systems based on adaptable, open source technologies. We've got phone systems for companies of any size, and we love customising them for our customers. For us, it's all about making technology work for your business.

Phone numbers


With telephone numbers in over 50 countries, Netfuse Numbering can give your company a global presence in a matter of minutes. And with routing updates made in real time via our control panel or API, you're always in complete control.


All our support staff have an understanding of telecoms and are on hand during office hours for any configuration queries you might have. Our Network Operations Centre is also staffed 24/7 so any faults are dealt with straight away.

A bit about us

In 2005 some open source web evangelists got together and set themselves to finding out everything there was to know about telecoms- and what could be done to improve it using open source technologies and web application principles. Nearly a decade later, we are still learning, but we've done some important work in making telecoms less broken, and helped increase fairness and transparency in the process.